Best hid color for night driving cars and trucks? 2020

HID headlights now become popular and they will last up to 5 times longer than halogen bulbs. There is a common question asked by the car and truck drivers who use HID headlights that which is the best hid color for night driving?

To drive safely we have to choose the correct HID color for driving. The answer is the higher Kelvin number of the color temperature is means the color is worst. Kelvin short form ‘K’ and ‘K’ marked at the end of the color temperature.

In this valuable article, we will talk about Kelvin, color temperature and colors step by step. And in the end, we will suggest you best color temperature for night driving. 

What is Kelvin?

Kelvin is mostly used in lighting. Kelvin used to identify color temperature. And the light color is represented by the color temperature. There are many light colors available which are represented by it like White, Blue, Yellow, Violet, Yellowish-White,  Dark-Violet, etc.

Which is the best hid color for human eyes?

Human’s eyes are most comfortable with sun-light, so when you are driving at night your light color should be closely sunlight when you are driving at night. You can adjust you’re hid color when driving. Read more to know which is the best color temperature for you.

How to choose the best hid color for night driving?

The headlight color depends on the temperature. If the color temperature is 3000 Kelvin then the color will Yellow. Like most of the time found in halogens true Yello color.

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Then comes 4300 Kelvin. The like color will be Off-White. like Yellowish-White. 5000 Kelvin comes with true White. It is truly similar to Sunlight. 6000 Kelvin comes with true White color but a little Blue color.

After that comes to 8000 Kelvin, it comes with more Blue colour like Bluish-White. 10000 Kelvin comes with Dark-Blue light color and a little of Violet. Then the last one is 12000 kelvin, It comes with Dark-Violet.

So, it’s not a hard decision to choose the best colour for night driving. There is a standard Kelvin or the most suggested is 4300K. You can choose from 4300K-5000K.

Also, you can choose 6000k, whatever 4300k-6000k is nearly sunlight. And closely sunlight is the best because our eyes see best on sunlight.

The answer is 4300k-6000k. If someone asks us which is the best hid colour for night driving, then our simple answer will be 4300k-6000k

Which is the better 4300k vs 5000k?

The 4300k comes with off-white and on the other side 5000k comes with true white. It’s better for you to choose a true white color. But it actually depends on you. Because everyone’s eyes are not the same or everyone’s eyes are not comfortable with true white. You should test your self the choose the perfect one. 

5000k HID better or 6000k HID?

The 5000k is truly white and 6000k is come up with a little bit blue and White colour. Many people are comfortable with 6000k. But as I have already given you the answer that the best hid colour for night driving is 4300k-6000k and only you can choose it. Because everyone’s eye has not the same power. 


Driving at night is hard work for the eyes. HID headlights are the best solution for night driving. But the best HID colour for night driving is the color temperature that’s closely the sunlight. So we need to choose 5000k as its colour is nearly sunlight.

I think you get your best answer about the little question. If you have any question then please comment below and don’t forget to share. Drive carefully, Drive happily and be safe!