Proven 7 Best LED for halogen projectors 2020

When it comes to buying the best LED for halogen projectors, a lot of people have no clue. Without a doubt, there are a lot of options available. However, many people feel confusion. So, we have this list of best Led halogen projectors. Since they are the best in the market, you will love them.

1. Spyder Auto Ford F150 Version 2 Black Halogen LED Projector Headlight

Indeed, this is one of the best headlight pair when comes to looks and style. They are easy to install and works perfect on your car and stuck. Since halogens lower energy use, a lot of people prefer them. It uses LEDs in place of normal bulbs. Therefore, they have a longer life.

F150 from Spyder Auto Ford works best in quality. Since they are very bright, you can use them off-road. However, you should use High H1. Thus, it directly takes the place of your OEM lights. Therefore, they are one of the best LED for halogen projectors.

They come in 3 different types. Chrome Headlights are for aggressive use as well as styling. Similarly, Black Headlights come with the latest specs. They will make your car look dominant even in-crowd. On the other hand, smoked lights are only for style and show-off. Therefore, you should avoid them if you plan to use them on the highway.


Weight                       19.5 pounds

Dimensions              23x21x15 inches

Bulb type                   High H1 – Low 9006


  • Perfect style
  • Very bright on H1
  • Easy to install


  • Not for highway use
  • Very dim on low

2. Spyder Auto PRO-YD-CS07-HL-BK Chevy Silverado 1500/2500/3500 Black Halogen LED Projector Headlight

More or less, this product is similar to the previous one. However, there are some design changes. Therefore, it is a suitable option for a lot of vehicles. Verify your fitment before you buy it. So, you won’t get stuck in the future.

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These halogen lights by Spyder Auto are very bright. However, you don’t need any power invertor for them. It will take the same 12 volts power from your battery. As they use LED instead of OEM, they have a longer life. It also ensures that your headlights work for a long time.

Just like the previous product, this one also comes in 3 varieties. While Chrome and Black are good for quality, a lot of people prefer Smoked Headlights. If you prefer looks and show-off, then use the smoked ones. However, I will not suggest them for on-road use.


Weight                       23 pounds

Dimensions              22x22x18.7 inches

Bulb type                   High H1 – Low H1


  • Good for show-off
  • Works for a lot of vehicles
  • Low power needs
  • Large life cycle


  • Very dim on low
  • Smoked lights won’t work on the highway. So, use them only for show-off

3. For Ford F150 F-150 Pickup Chrome Clear DRL Daylight LED Strip Halogen Type Projector Headlights Lamps

Since we know that AKKON always comes with a quality product, here they are. This is a nice option for your Ford. It works fine on models from 2009-2014. However, before buying, once again ensure if they work with your vehicle or not.

These are high-quality projector headlights. Thus, they will enhance the beauty of your car. At the same time, they are bright and will work for a longer time. As they are very bright, the company claims that it will not blind other drivers on the road.

Since the lens plays a vital role in selecting projector lights, AKKON came with these classic lights. They not only give you perfect output but also increase night visibility. The product comes without the installation guide. Thus, the company advises seeking help from an expert when installing them.


Weight                       22.1 pounds

Dimensions              23x23x19 inches

Bulb Type                  Low beam H7; High beam H7


  • Bright lights
  • Perfect design
  • Easy to install


  • Some issues may occur during use
  • Only 90 days warranty

4. Spyder Auto Scion TC Black Halogen LED Projector Headlight

Spyder Auto once again came with these classic lights. They are very beautiful lights. You can even use them on a lot of vehicles. Thus, they will become one of the reasons for your car’s beauty. You can either use them on the road or for off the road purpose.

As you know these are Scion TC 05-07 lights. Therefore, they serve best as projector headlights. You can even replace the LEDs if you don’t like them. However, you should know that the warranty becomes void once you replace lights.

The lens is very clear. So, you will see that your lights turn very bright. If you want them for regular use, stick with Chrome or Black. Whereas a lot of people want to show-off. In that case, I will suggest you buy the smoked lights. These are lush stylish lights. Obviously, they are not for on-road. Even then, smoked lights are perfect for off-road use.


Weight                       15.8 pounds

Dimensions              26.6x21x12 inches

Bulb type                   High H1; Low 9006


  • Good variety of lights
  • Very bright on high
  • Styled like a human eye
  • Bright halos


  • Fitting issues. Therefore, check them first
  • Need efforts to install.

5. Chevy Cruze 4Door LED Halogen DRL Projector Headlights Headlamps

If you have the latest model car, then these stylish lights will fit perfectly for you. For 2016-2019 models, these are the best led for halogen projectors. It is a pair of HQ lights. Since a lot of people prefer stylish lights, these lights serve as a perfect solution for you. Remember that you will get these lights as a replacement. Therefore, you can claim them only when your unit doesn’t work well.

There is no installation guide with these lights. So, if you know how to install it, only then try on your own. Otherwise, seek help from experts. You can claim the warranty only within the 90 days of delivery. There is no exception to this rule. Thus, I will suggest you test the lights first. Even if you don’t want to use them at this time, check them.

Last but not the least, AKKON doesn’t include bulbs. You may get bulbs in your shipment. However, that is because the dealers include them and not the company.


Weight                       22 pounds

Dimensions              68x15x14 inches

Bulb type                   High HB3; Low HB3


  • Eye shaped lights, very stylish
  • Good quality lights for your new car
  • Works perfectly as a replacement


  • They don’t include bulbs
  • No installation guide

6. For Ford Escape Black Bezel Dual Halo Ring LED Design Halogen Type Projector Headlights Front Lamps Pair

Since AKKON knows what you want for your Ford, they came up with this stylish piece. This is the best Led halogen projectors bulbs that are only for front use. It comes as a pair. So, you will get both driver and commuter sidelight. It is not for the latest models. Thus, it will work well for your 08-12 Ford Escape models.

AKKON made these lights from the best materials. Therefore, they will work for a long time. So, you don’t need to replace them from time to time. They will work best with your vehicle.

You may need to check if the wiring on your set needs any modification. In any case, you should take help from the local mechanic in your area. Thus, he will help you to install them. Anyways, there is no installation guide with it.


Weight                       13.65 pounds

Dimensions              20x19x14 inches

Bulb type                   High H1; Low H7


  • Very good looks
  • Not very difficult to install
  • Very bright lights


  • A lot of users can’t modify the wiring

7. LED Halo Ring Black Housing Projector Headlight Headlamp Assembly, Driver & Passenger Side

A lot of people think that old cars don’t need stylish products anymore. However, they are wrong. If you see these stylish halogen lights from VIPMOTOZ, you will love them. Thus, they work perfectly for the 96-99 models of Mercedes Benz. The true best Led halogen projectors headlights.

The lights are for both driver and traveler side of the car. Being crystal color Halo rings, they work best for your car. You may also need to wire them for halo LED rings. In this case, take help from an expert or a local mechanic. A lot of lights come with a 1 year or 90 days warranty. However, you can check or return these Halo rings only within 30 days.

The best part about these lights is that they meet all the street rules. Thus, you can take your car on the road after installing these lights. Last but not the least, there is a DIY installation guide. It will help you to install your lights yourself, making it easier.


Weight                       15 pounds

Dimensions              26x22x16 inches

Bulb type                   Halogen


  • DIY install guide
  • Works fine for on-road use
  • Meets all road rules
  • Best for your old Mercedes Benz


  • Only 30 days replace warranty


There are a lot of things that you need to consider when buying the best led projectors headlight. They come in a lot of variations. You need to know if you need on-road or off-road lights. Besides, you should know that each light works on specific models. Therefore, take your time to read this article and buy among the best led for halogen projectors.