How Much Does It Cost To Replace The Headlight Cover

How much does it cost to replace the headlight cover? top 9 suggestion and guide

How Much Does It Cost To Replace The Headlight Cover? If you are the owner of a vehicle, you must be aware that keeping it in good condition and beautiful implies investing money. It is that either out of necessity or vanity, they often buy pieces and parts for their proper functioning and beautification.

One of the pieces that if you want fulfills this double function are the headlight covers. In it, car owners invest money either to buy new ones or replace the ones they have. Do you know how much it costs to replace the headlight caps? Keep reading and you will find out.

How Much Does It Cost To Replace The Headlight Cover?

Function of car headlight covers

Car headlight caps are parts designed to protect headlights from rain, dust, wind and sand. Especially when driving for a long time.

These caps are made of different materials including silicone, PVC rubber and PVC rubber. This variety of materials provide the covers with different functions. For example, there are some that are waterproof and others are dustproof.

Features of car headlight covers

As we mentioned, car headlight covers have different functions, but most of them share the same characteristics, which are:

They are made of durable material

Mostly these pieces are made under strict quality standards. Hence, strong and very durable materials are used to make them.

Adaptive size for LED light

A high percentage of vehicles are designed to use LED light in their headlights. So these caps come with the right size to fit it. Or, failing that, you can cut it to the size you need.

They are waterproof

This if you want is one of its most profitable properties. Since thanks to it they are resistant to dust. They also prevent rain and dust from entering the headlight assembly. Added to that there are models that are anti-fog

Other qualities

The headlight covers, when installed, cover the gap or slot between the headlights. Also, most of them are very easy to use and install. Something that is very beneficial for those who like to do this type of work on their own.

Where to buy car headlight covers?

These pieces can be acquired in stores specialized in the sale of spare parts and accessories for vehicles. However, recently they have had a great boom in sales and promotion in online stores. Especially on Amazon, where they offer a wide variety of them.

This is because in these virtual stores, those interested have the opportunity to see different tapas with varied characteristics. This, without leaving your home. And if you decide to buy one, all you have to do is contact the store by phone or email to request more information.

If the sale is completed, the customer pays online, sitting comfortably and using a smartphone, tablet or computer. Then the caps will be sent to the address you indicate. In other words, the buying and selling process is very simple.

This online purchase method is very beneficial. Well, people save work, and the time they would spend going from store to store or to shopping centers.

Which cover to choose for your vehicle?

The variety of headlight covers on the market is very wide. Therefore, recommending the best one for your vehicle is a bit difficult. Your choice will depend on the car model you have and the characteristics you are looking for in this type of parts.

What we can advise you is that before deciding, review and analyze all the options that you have available. Compare prices, advantages, materials and quality. And based on this, acquire the cap that fits your needs and budget.

What cost do these caps have?

At this point, the relationship between quality and what you need for your vehicle comes into play again. Because depending on the material in which they are made, the covers for car headlights can have very different prices.

Those prices also vary, according to the caps that fit the headlights of your vehicle. In addition to the brand, characteristics and quality of these pieces.

What you should know is that many online stores offer headlight caps in two-piece packages. And the cost of said package, ranges between 10 and 30 dollars.

Factors influencing the cost of replacement work

Regardless if you bought your headlight caps in a physical store or online, you have to install or replace the ones you already have. If you have knowledge in the area you can do it yourself, if not, it is best to go to a professional mechanic.

What is the cost of this service? The same depends on many factors. For example, if the mechanic sells the caps to you, he will charge them together with the replacement work. Which is possibly very expensive for you.

But if you are the one who wears the caps, they will charge you only for the labor. According to data obtained from some web pages, the cost, if the work is done in this way, exceeds 84 dollars.

Another factor that influences what you can be charged to replace headlight caps is the type of workshop you go to. That is, if he is specialized in the job or not. The location of the workshop also affects the cost of this service. For example, they will not charge you the same if you do it in the city or in a province.

The step-by-step process

To replace the car headlight caps, the mechanic will start by releasing the headlight. To do this, remove the screws of the calender grille one by one. Then proceed to carefully lift the safety lock to remove the grill. This, without forcing the staples so as not to break them.

With the grille out, you will remove the headlight screws (usually three) and remove the connectors that attach it to the vehicle. This always, with great care that these connectors are not damaged.

With the headlight completely released, the professional goes on to remove the old cover and replace the new one. Once this is done you will put the headlight back in place, putting all the connecting cables in it. These are the engine, high and low beams, position and signaling.

When the headlight is fully connected to the cables, it will take you to your site. And using some guides that the car brings, it will put the screws back.

You will then move on to screw the calender grille in place. This, without screwing very tight, since it is plastic against iron and if it is forced, the plastic can break. With the grille already fixed, the work is finished, that is to say that the lighthouse has its new cover.

As you can see, it is a simple job, but it requires a lot of patience and knowledge to remove the pieces. As well as to put them back, so that the headlight fits perfectly in place.

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