Best Remote Control Ride On Car

Top best remote control ride on car in 2020

If you are planning to give a gift to your 3 to 5 years old, think about a remote-control car. It will be one of the best gifts for them. A lot of kids love to have a small car of their own. They play a lot with this car. At the same time, parents know that the child is safe and away from bad toys. So, your child will love the best remote control ride on car.

So, let us look for the best options that you have in remote-control cars.

best remote control ride on car

best remote control ride on car

1.UENJOY Volkswagen Beetle 12V Kids Electric Ride

You enjoy when your kids enjoy, and this is how this company works. It let you choose the best product for your child. Like a lot of remote-control cars, this one also features a powerful 12V battery. So, let us look for what makes it the top product on our list.

This car is very safe and is best for your kid. It comes with a wheel suspension system that will ensure that your kid enjoys a smooth ride. This makes it an ideal car for both indoor and outdoor playing.

When the kid is riding outdoor, you might need more control. For this purpose, it comes with parental remote control. At the same time, the kid will love to operate the car on their own. It has a foot pedal, shift lever, and steering to move in the right direction. Your kid will love the diverse control options of this car.

The car come with all the features that make it the best remote control ride on car. It has LED lights, double doors, FM music and an easy to move the handle. At the same time, you can stream your favorite music with the help of any USB. Your child can drive as long as 1 hour with a single charge.


  • Safe to drive
  • Parental controls
  • 3 forward speeds
  • Full control features


  • Battery not for long-term

2. UENJOY 12V Licensed Mercedes-Benz SL500 Kids Ride

When kids see cars in their surroundings, they ask for the same models. So, if your kid is asking for a Mercedes Benz, buy them this car. UENJOY made this car, so your kid will have the fun of a luxury car.

Driving is fun when you have the best music to listen to the side by side. This car comes with FM music. At the same time, you can connect any music through the USB. This is one of the best remote control ride on car for small kids. Even if your kid is just 1 to 3 years old, they can enjoy the ride in this car. You need to control it through remote control. If the kid is 3 to 5 years old, then they can manage it on their own. For this purpose, it comes with a foot pedal, shift lever, and 2 different speed options.

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When it comes to safety, UENJOY has no compromise on it. All of the four wheels feature a spring suspension system. This makes this Mercedes Benz one of the best cars for outside use. When the kid is ready to drive, adjust them to the seat belt, and lock both doors. Thus, they will enjoy the safe ride.

Since this car resembles Mercedes, it comes with more speed than other remote-control cars. It has a top speed of 5 mph, so your kid will love the journey.


  • Safe to drive
  • Best luxury car
  • Parental controls
  • Best for kids of 1-5 years


  • Hardware problems; verify them first.

3. Best Choice Products 6V Kids Licensed Audi

If your 3 years old is a fan of Audi, then buy them this licensed Audi for kids. It resembles Audi in style and functions and has the same design.

Kids Licensed Audi features 3 different speeds when it comes to controlling. You can easily select between low medium or fast speed. While the fast speed is great for outdoor, the medium will help your kid to drive indoor.

There are two options to drive this car. One of them is the manual option that your kid can use. The second one is the remote control option, best for you as a parent. You can control the way they drive the car.

It comes with a small yet powerful battery of just 6 volts. It will charge at a fast pace and will work best for more than 30 mins. Since the battery is small, so the car features the top speed of just 3 mph.


  • 3 different speeds
  • Best car for boys
  • Parental controls
  • The full resemblance of real Audi


  • Sellers often send with missing parts.

4. JOYMOR Kids Car, Ride-on Truck 6V Battery

If you want to give one of the best cars to your kid, at an affordable price, buy them this. JOYMOR made this one, the best car for kids of age 2 plus.

It has control options both manual and remote control. So, kids can enjoy riding on their own. At the same time, parents can take control of the car if they see any danger. It comes with 3 different speeds that include low, medium, and high. As the car is best for young kids, it has a max speed of just 2.5 mph.

This kids’ car copies the real car a lot. Thus, your kids will be very happy when they are driving this car. It has a windshield, bright LED lights, and a lot of music options. You can either stream the built-in songs or connect your own using the AUX jack.

It has a small 6 volts battery. It is easy to charge and will give you 1-2 hours on battery. The car is only for very young kids and has a weight limit of 44 pounds.


  • Easy parental controls
  • 3 speeds to keep you in control
  • Windshield to give a real effect.


  • Only for 1 kid

5. Best Choice Products 6V Kids Ride on Car Truck

Best Choice Products made this car truck for your kids. So, this is one of the best, small yet powerful car for your kids. It has a beautiful design, much like the real cars. It features a windshield, foot pedal, bright LEDs, built-in horns. Thus, your toddlers will love to drive this car.

You can control it with both manual and remote. Your kids will love to drive it using the foot pedal. At the same time, you have the comfort to control the car using the remote. The max speed of this car is just 2.5 mph. Hence, you have no worries about the speed and your kids will enjoy the drive.

If your kid wants to enjoy and ride, you can play music too. The car comes with a built-in AUX jack. As a result, you can connect your own music taste.


  • Realistic car design
  • Easy parental controls
  • Play your favorite music through AUX jack.


  • Horn not working in a lot of cars

6. BAHOM 12V Electric Ride on Truck Car 2 Seats for Kids

This is a giant toy truck for your kids. They will love to ride it and have the fun of driving the real truck. The design is very classic, and the red color adds to the fun.

It comes with two driving options. One of them is the manual option, through which the kids can drive the truck. On the other hand, you can control the function through a remote in case you see an emergency. Thus, it is a safe truck for your kids to drive.

It is one of the safest truck for your kids. It comes with a wide seat and seat-belt options. As a result, your kids can enjoy a safe and fun drive. All of the wheels come with a spring suspension system. Therefore, your kids will have a smooth drive.

Want more? This electric truck from BAHOM is very easy to assemble. There are quick and easy steps to install that will take around an hour.


  • Best safety features
  • Two driving modes
  • Good for 2 kids
  • High weight limit of 35 kg


  • No specific

7. Modern-Depo Police Pursuit 12V Electric Ride

Out of all cars we reviewed, this is the best remote control ride on car. It is different from every other car. It takes the shape of a police car and your kid will feel like a police officer in this car.

This car gives you options to control it with manual options for kids. At the same time, parents can control it through a remote. Thus, not only fun but it also safe to drive this car. It comes with two different speeds.

It comes with real police car-like LED lights of different colors. The car also sirens like a police car. Your kid will love the fun of riding it. It has options for MP3 and a USB socket for you to play music on it.


  • Police car look
  • Real police siren
  • Safe to drive
  • Best for kids age 2-4 years.


  • Battery issues

Final words

These were the complete reviews of the best remote control ride on car. I reviewed a lot of top cars. Boys prefer car trucks, while girls love pink color cars. You have to take care of the levels of speed. You should also look at the proposed age group. When buying a remote-control car for your kid, know the safety features, and buy as per need.

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